Security Guard

B.A. / 12th Pass Must have experience in specialized field

Job Description

We need a reliable Security Guard to handle interior and exterior security through manual observation and the use of on-site cameras. The Security Guard will be responsible for using corporate protocol to greet facility guests, assigning the proper security badge to each visitor, monitoring the interior and exterior of the facility, checking to make sure that certain doors are locked when they are supposed to be and reporting any suspicious activity to the local police department immediately. The ideal candidate for this position has a background in security and a professional disposition.

Job Requirement

• Diploma required
• 2+ years’ experience in the security field, or a certificate indicating completion of a security course
• Must possess strong group communication skills
• Proven history of working well in stressful situations.

Security Guard responsibilities and duties
• Perform scheduled and random checks of designated areas throughout the facility to check for any security breaches
• Utilize the company’s guest policies to issue guest passes and make sure that each guest is accompanied by an employee before entering the facility
• Assist the maintenance staff in securing an area during a maintenance emergency
• Collaborate with other members of the corporate security team to ensure that the facility is safe at all times
• Maintain a professional and effective relationship with the local police and fire departments